lantern out of its package, unfold it and attach the burner paraffin through the tabs at the center of the ball on the crossing of the son of iron.
The burner should not hang, but be placed and fixed.
Have a second person hold the top and three feet from the ground with low burner.
Ignite the burner and keep raising the top of the lantern until it is inflated by hot air.
Hold down the ball at the base for 90 seconds after lighting the burner. Then the ball will start to float and rise.

The Chinese Lanterns are not suitable for children under 14 unaccompanied by an adult.
Use only fly outdoor lanterns (strictly prohibited inside buildings).
Do not fly near any property chinese lanterns, high voltage line or forest. (Danger of fire)
Do not use in times of drought summer.
Do not use when there is wind.
Do not hang the lantern from a tree.
Consider prefectural stops in force.
Do not use less than 8 km from the airport.